Hot towel (OSHIBORI)

OSHIBORI or hot towels/refreshing towels in English is a wet hand towel offered to customers in places by restaurants, bars, sports gymnasium, hotels and even airlines around the world. OSHIBORI are used to clean and OSHIBORI gives a refreshed feeling, and provide a unique sense of unwinding prior to a meal, a drink, after sports or just relaxing. This is a small part of customer care, but a very important part of hospitality business.

OSHIBORI are more commonly known as hot towel in Japan. Those can be moistened with hot water at an appropriate temperature (or steamed in some electric appliance). Also, Those can be placed damp into a refrigerator to make a cold OSHIBORI suitable for use in summer.


A typical OSHIBORI, made of cotton cloth, is dampened with water and wrung. OSHIBORI are normally rolled or folded on a tray and given to customers. Many establishments also give out towels made of non-woven cloth or paper, which are generally used once and then disposed of. Paper ones sometimes contain a sterilizing agent such as alcohol or stabilized chlorine dioxide. Paper OSHIBORI also, can be folded and put into a very thin plastic wrapping, for inclusion with packaged products as a reflesment.


As many establishments use OSHIBORI in large quantities, they usually employ a rental service which launders and rolls them into the typical cylindrical shape, and delivers them already damp. These rental service companies services frequently wrap each OSHIBORI individually in a clear, lightweight plastic seal (polyethylene film), which can be easily broken and removed by the customer before using.

Benefit of Hot/Cold towels in Spa industry

Hot towels for effective teatment with relaxation

Hot towels work wonders for treatment! The steam and warmth from the towel truly agree with skin, helping the facial pores to open up and take in not only the steamy hydration from the towel, but any one of the many beauty essence or natural beauty ingredients to keep the beauty time going.


What else does an unassuming towel have in its power to boost to beauty? A hot towel treatment is a great headliner for body! Hot towels are also used as a physical therapy. Hot towels make mascles relaxed to soothes the aches before massage and it eases a sore sholders. Lay back and relax and let the towel do the rest! Planning on a hot towel treatment? Let us know with a note!

Good combination of hot & cold treatment

Combination of hot towel and cool towel will get a good effect of improving the circulation of blood. It will help to eliminate the swelling or dark areas under the eyes.

Cool down for your body heat

Cold towels are usuful to get cool down after all sports such as golf, gym, and yoga. They are also great to use after sauna or hot season.

TAIJI HOTCABI and COOLCABI offering perfect refreshing towels anytime you want!

What is sake?


Sake is the traditional Japanese wine which drives fermented rice and generally contains an alcohol content of 15 to 17 %. It is made from brewing rice, water, yeast and Koji (Steamed rice inoculated with aspergillus oryzae).

Appropriate amount sake is believe to maintain proper health and promote Sake contains welfare. Sake contains lot of beneficial components including amino acids such as valine, leucine and lsoleucine which activate brain function and strengthen the immune system. Also, sakes thought to improve skin since it contains antioxidants called ferulic acids which have an anti-ageing effect.

Sake varieties

There are several kinds of sake and each of sake has characteristic to enjoy different taste and flavor. It is a versatile beverage and can be enjoyed at any serving temperature between well-chilled, well-warmed, or room temperature. Suitable serving temperature may be different depending on the variety of sake and its taste will be changeable by how to drink.
Type Ingredients Min. Rice Polishing Rate Rate of Koji Rice(at least) Distilled Alcohol
Junmai-syu   - 15% -
Honjozo-syu From 70% 15% less than 10%
Tokubetsu Honjozo-syu From 60% or special brewing Process 15% less than 10%
Tokubetsu Junmai-syu From 60% or special brewing Process 15% -
Ginjo-syu From 60% 15% less than 10%
Junmai Ginjo-syu From 60% 15% -
Daiginjo-syu From 50% 15% less than 10%
Junmai Daiginsho-syu   From 50% 15% -
W=Water, R=Rice, KR=Koji Rice, DA=Distilled Alcohol

Benefits of warmed sake


Warmed sake or “Kan-shu” and the improvement of taste by warming as “Kan Agari”. Kan-syu has positive effects on enjoying food, and conversation. It could be feel more alcoholic stimulus on tongue with Kan-syu than cold sake. Kan-syu is close to human being body temperature and a body may absorb sake faster. So, it is advisable to drink Kan-syu relatively slowly and get tipsy in a calm manner with relaxation. Also, since Kan-syu gets body warm quickly, it enhances the activity of stomach.

How to enjoy Kan-syu

It is recommended to serve Kan-syu at 40-50℃(104-122F). Well-warming may enrich original taste of sake. However, overheating (at temperature over 55℃) effect the perception of sake. The fine taste and flavor may be able to distinguishable and sake may get an overpowering alcohol odor. Thus, the care must be taken when you warm sake. If you do not have no time to ready Kan syu, what should you do? Our products can moderately warm sake to desirable by a finger-tip operation.
TAIJI sake warmer dispenser provide perfect sake presentation!

Sake varieties & Recommended serving temperature
Sake Temperature Sake Varieties
    Daiginjo Ginjo Junmai Honjozo Futsu
(122~131 °F)
(Moderately Warmed)
(113~122 °F)
(104~113 °F)
(Body Temperature)
(95~104 °F)


Product varieties

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