TAIJI Sake Warmer

TAIJI Sake thermometer


For Serving Tasty and Perfect Warmed Sake.
・Recommended to serve warmed sake “Kan-syu” at 40-50℃(104-122F).
・Help you whether you are monitoring warmed sake with automatic alarm.
・Simple easy operation!  Easy-to-read LCD display shows accurate temperature quick results.
・Drip-proof type! Operation without caring wet hands.
・Come with a sanitarily excellent cap  and one lithium battery.

Joint Plate for HOT & COOL

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Model TST-100A
lithium battery CR2032x1
Temperature measurement range -50ºC  to  300ºC ( -58 to 572℉)
Dimensions /   Net weight Length 223 x W34 x Thickness 15 mm / 35g
Probe Φ4 x 146
Packge dimensions 250 x 100 x 20 mm
Accessories Cap,  One lithium battery


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